Membership Benefits:

  • Uplift Yourself with Aroma Freedom (Part 1)

    • 3 Video Series
    • Learn and practice Aroma Freedom on yourself to gain mastery
  • The Memory Resolution Technique

    • Release yourself from the hold of traumatic or unresolved memories...even decades later!
  • Finding Inner Guidance

    • Learn why we become separated from our intuition and how to reconnect with it so that we can find what is true amidst a sea of conflicting messages.​
  • Growing your Young Living Business with Aroma Freedom

    • Identify and release your biggest blocks to success with your business
    • Find ways to stay in action daily
    • Learn how to introduce people to Young Living using Aroma Freedom tools
    • ...and much more
  • Using Aroma Freedom with your Children

    • Learn how to use the various Techniques with your children for a happier home
  • Uplift Yourself with Aroma Freedom (Part 2)

    • 2 Video Series
    • Master the quick and powerful  "1-minute" reset technique
    • Learn Aroma Boost for easily conquering procrastination
  • Aroma Freedom Doomsday Technique

    • Let go of fears and worries about the future
    • Embrace peace and guidance in the present
  • Crush your Cravings with Aroma Freedom

    • Discover the connection between cravings and emotions
    • Learn how Aroma Freedom can quickly and easily release you from the hold of cravings
  • The Neuroscience of Aroma Freedom

    • The Science of Memory Reconsolidation
    • Neural Simulation
    • Amygdala Switching
  • From Grief to Grace and Gratitude

    • Learn how we can navigate the stages of grief more efficiently and gently using Aroma Freedom
    • Experience a full Aroma Freedom Clearing on Grief



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Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Founder, Aroma Freedom


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