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The book that started a movement

The Aroma Freedom Technique is the original book by Dr. Perkus that explains why we get stuck emotionally, and how to free ourselves from the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that hold us back from living the life of our dreams.

Aroma Freedom Quick Reference Card

This laminated reference card is 2-sided and shows all of the steps of Aroma Freedom in a simple and visual format.  Just follow the steps and you will always know where you are in the process and what comes next.  It is very sturdy and colorful, and will last you for years!

Aroma Boost Quick Reference Card

This laminated reference card is 2-sided and shows all of the steps of Aroma Boost.


Use Aroma Boost to take the stress out of any situation, and move powerfully into inspired action.  It only takes 10-15 minutes and can be used daily.


It is very sturdy and colorful, and will last you for years!

Aroma Freedom helps you break free!

The Aroma Freedom Technique was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a Licensed Psychologist who has integrated 20 years of clinical experience with over 15 years using essential oils.  The technique has been embraced by thousands of people worldwide since its the publication of the book in 2016.  People have called it the fastest and gentlest emotional clearing method they have ever tried.


Aroma Freedom is so popular because it is:

  • Quick to learn and start using right away.

  • Powerful and gentle.

  • Safe and effective

The Aroma Freedom Starter Bundle  gives you everything you need to get started today! 

A variety of learning methods ensures that you will absorb the information efficiently.

  • Theory Explained

    Understanding the background of the technique helps you to grasp the rationale and explain it to others.

  • Text as well as Audio format allows for portable learning

    Read the book, or listen in your car, home, or on the go!  

  • Used by Practitioners Worldwide

    Aroma Freedom Practitioners around the world are helping clients to transform their lives faster than ever before!

  • Help family and friends right away

    Start helping others right away by following the insructions on the cards and in the book.

What our customers say:

The benefits that I have seen with Aroma Freedom have been amazing!  I have seen such an incredible difference in my practice.  Knowing why specific oils are used, and knowing why specific words are used have been powerful.  Watching my clients break-through negative thought patterns has been very rewarding.

Tammy Gray

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Perkus has brought an immense gift - Aroma Freedom Technique- into awareness and application for humankind. He grounds his presentations with annotated scientific research, paired with his own substantial experience and data collection. 


I have used Aroma Freedom multiple times each week with clients in my holistically oriented psychotherapy practice since becoming certified as an Aroma Freedom practitioner two years ago. It’s my favorite tool and my clients love it. My right brain instincts and experience immediately validated the process. Dr. Perkus’ conscientious, continuously expanding research and discoveries further round out the left brain balance. It is a profound blessing and I am eternally grateful.

Holly Myers


I am in love with the Aroma Freedom certification program. After my first experience with AFT I was amazed at the effectiveness and simplicity of beginning the work of removing emotional blocks that paralyze my everyday living. I knew as soon as the certification program was offered I had to do it to share and help others through their own journeys. I have not been disappointed. I learn more and more with each week and get to see first-hand through leading others through the Aroma Freedom process the benefits and shifts. I have gone through a number of classes and programs on emotional release and this technique by far as been the most effective for myself and those I have had the privilege of walking through their own AFT sessions.

Patti Abel

Pilates Instructor

When I first heard about Aroma Freedom Technique I immediately had an uplifting sensation within me. I felt a knowing that this was what I was to do to help myself, family and anyone who is willing to be open that they have blocks, beliefs or memories that stop them from being who they came here to be. I am stunned at how quickly and completely the blocks are removed, (we’re talking minutes not months or years!) I find that what most of us do is to use a band-aid to cover the problem/issue/block whereas Aroma Freedom gets to the root. Aroma Freedom is magical in my world and I look forward to sharing it with anyone who chooses to live a life of joy and happiness.

Fiona Havlish



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Dr. Benjamin Perkus

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