The Aroma Freedom Technique Book - Second Edition

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We all know that essential oils can be calming or uplifting, centering or inspiring, or some combination of all of these.  Yet many people are confused about how exactly to use essential oils to bring emotional balance.

If you are looking for guidance on exactly how, when, and where to use essential oils for bringing deep and lasting change to your mind and emotions, you have come to the right place.  

Dr. Perkus has spent the last 20 years researching what works in helping people to let go of limiting thoughts, feelings, and memories that are holding them back.  He is a Licensed Psychologist and has taught about the use of essential oils for emotional release in 7 different countries.  He is the creator of The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) and is the founder of The Aroma Freedom Academy, an online school devoted to helping people experience freedom in all areas of their lives.

"My focus has been amazing since I completed a session of AFT. I never knew that something from my childhood could cause me to be so scattered. Thank you Dr. Perkus for bringing this simple but powerful technique to the world!"

Renee Arledge, Transition Specialist

The Aroma Freedom Technique book contains:

Part 1: Scent, Memory and Emotion

Chapter 1: The Amazing Power of Scent

The sense of smell is our oldest and most primal sense.  It is also unique in that it directly affects our limbic (emotional) brain, and can trigger survival responses instantly and automatically.  Scent also triggers memories (sometimes long forgotten and emotionally charged).  This presents some unique opportunities for using scent to enhance our emotional well-being.

Chapter 2: Essential Oils

Essential Oils are pure plant extracts, and one of their main characteristics is the potent aroma that they carry.  We review the history of essential oil use and how they have been studied in modern times.  Research on the effect of certain oils on neurotransmitter function show that they can directly affect feelings of well-being and calmness.  This is significant as the search for non-toxic, natural solutions has become more intense recently, and essential oils have much to offer in this regard.

Chapter 3: Emotional Balance

Most books on aromatherapy focus on the effect of essential oils the mind, mood, or emotions, but fail to account for how people become unbalanced in the first place.  In this chapter we explore how negative thoughts get generated as a response to unmet emotional needs, and how these thoughts persist and affect all areas of our lives as we get older.  Based on thousands of hours of clinical experience with many hundreds of clients, Dr. Perkus has tested and refined his observations and gives us a clear understanding of the inner workings of thoughts and emotions.  Most importantly, he offers a way to begin clearing out the negative thoughts that have accumulated.

Chapter 4: Trauma and Memory

Traumatic events affect us in profound ways that can leave a mark for years, even decades.  Nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive memories, pervasive feelings of fear or even panic can be prevalent in those who have suffered emotional trauma.  This is because traumatic events are stored differently in the brain than regular memories.  Recent advances in trauma therapy have allowed for a more rapid clearing of such memories than ever before.  These significant advances form the basis for the amazingly fast and gentle results that Dr. Perkus has been able to achieve with essential oils.

Chapter 5: Traumatic Memory Release Technique

For those who have experienced traumatic incidents, this technique provides a step-by-step script to allow you to regain composure and balance, and to put the traumatic memories into perspective.  This can be used by yourself, or as an aid for professionals who are integrating this technique into their existing practice.  People have found this to be so effective that they have reported relief even after decades of pain and suffering

Part 2: The Aroma Freedom Technique

Step 1: Set Your Intention

Step 2: Your Inner Voice

Step 3: Identify the Feelings

Step 4: Body Awareness

Step 5: Time Travel

Step 6: Smell Essential Oils

Step 7: Noticing the Changes

Step 8: New Beliefs Emerging

Step 9: Revisiting Your Intention

Step 10: New Outlook, New Attitude

Step 11: Anchoring Your New Reality

Step 12: Putting it All Into Action

Also contains:

Appendix A:  Recommended Essential Oil Recipes

Appendix B: Selected Research

AFT Quick Reference Guide

AFT Affirmation Worksheet



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  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Daily Affirmation worksheet
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Advance Praise for The Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. David Stewart

“This book was born through many years of labor, experience, and research by clinical psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Perkus, whom I have known for more than a decade. Through Dr. Perkus’ AFT method, given in this book,  you can be clear and free from the hidden bondages that limit your success in life. In the gift of this book, Dr. Perkus shares his well-refined and proven Aroma Freedom Technique for you to employ or receive for greater happiness, social and domestic harmony, personal accomplishment and fulfillment. Thank you, Dr. Perkus, for the love and insight you have preserved in this book, and offer to the world.”

David Stewart, PhD

Author of Healing Oils of the Bible,

And sixteen other books