Session with Dr. Perkus + Free E-Book

Session with Dr. Perkus + Free E-Book

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Dr. Perkus has 20 years of experience as a therapist and is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of issues.  He has developed the Aroma Freedom Technique as a method for quickly clearing out thoughts, memories, and feelings that may be limiting your results in any area of your life.  By using essential oils in conjunction with progressive psychological techniques, you can rapidly make progress towards your goals.

Dr. Perkus will meet with you virtually through Skype or Telephone and will guide you through the Aroma Freedom Process.  Depending on the length of the session and the complexity of the issue, you may go through several rounds of emotional clearing.  You will always end with a positive affirmation and protocol to follow after the session.  Also, time permitting he will help you to understand the AFT process better and how to use it or share it with others.

You should be prepared with the following oils:

Minimally, you need Frankincense, Lavender, and Stress Away.

Additionally, it may be helpful to have Valor, Grounding, Inner Child, Release, Transformation, and Believe Oil. These are all Young Living Essential Oil Blends.

After you purchase the session, Dr. Perkus will contact you to set up your appointment.  You will also be emailed a link to download the E-Book version of The Aroma Freedom Technique.  Reviewing this before the session may be helpful but is not required.