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Here's Just Some of What You'll Get!

Video Lessons from Dr. Perkus to learn the foundations, theory, and practice of all of the Aroma Freedom Techniques - watch on your own schedule and fill out a tracking form outlining your learning.

Introduction to Aroma Freedom

Learn the theory and history behind Aroma Freedom.  See a sample session so you know how the process flows.  Get oriented to the course.

Active Listening, Rapport, and Presence

Develop key client skills through learning how to listen, develop meaning, maintain rapport, and have a strong yet open presence to facilitate the best outcomes.


Goal Setting: SMART Goals and Beyond

A session is only as good as the goal it starts with.  Learn several goal setting strategies and gain an ability to discern which types of goals are best for specific situations.

Heart Centering, Body Awareness, and Aroma Reset

Learn a special heart centering technique to access your true desires, understand how body awareness helps with emotional awareness, and learn the 1-minute Aroma Reset Technique.

The Aroma Boost Technique

Aroma Boost is the newest addition to the Aroma Freedom Arsenal.  It combines Aroma Reset with specially formulated enhanced affirmations to create an irresistible momentum towards reaching your goals with speed and ease.

The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT)

The first Aroma Freedom Technique to be developed, TMRT allows you to release the energy from a negative memory or image.  Learn how and when to use this process, and experience firsthand how effective it can be for yourself and others.


Hybrid AFT/TMRT Sessions

Once you have learned AFT and TMRT, we now show you how to shift seamlessly between the two techniques.  This allows you to flow with the client's experience in the moment and release the negative memory traces more effectively and deeply.

Feelings vs. Judgments

The critical distinction of feelings vs.judgments is explored as it helps us to keep the client centered in their feeling state rather than their mental state.  This allows the memory complexes to be accessed and transformed.



Aroma Freedom for Groups, Children, and Special Populations

Aroma Freedom can be used very effectively in group as well as individual formats, with children, and with special groups.  Learn how to use the Aroma Freedom in all of these scenarios for maximum flexibility.



The Business of Aroma Freedom

Once you have mastered the techniques, it is time to create a business or practice to bring Aroma Freedom to others.  This topic focuses on the basics of Aroma Freedom Practice as well as clearing away negative thoughts about your business.

Bringing Aroma Freedom to the World

In this module, we focus on your unique vision for bringing Aroma Freedom into the world.  This is about expanding your vision, dreaming big, and creating a future that is exciting to create.

Additional Modules

  • Aroma Freedom Technique for Mental Health Professionals
  • A Deeper Look at the 12 Steps
  • Deepening your Intuition with AFT
  • Doomsday Technique
  • How AFT Works: The Science of Memory Reconsolidation
  • Supporting Survivors of Trauma with Aroma Freedom
  • Crush your Cravings with Aroma Freedom
  • Mastering the Law of Attraction
  • Permission to Thrive (overcoming guilt)
  • Emotional Detox with Dr. Peter Minke

Advanced Training, Starting Sessions, Aroma Clear

 Learn alternate ways of starting sessions, how to start with no goal, and learn how The Aroma Clear technique works.