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Dr. Benjamin Perkus 

Founder of Aroma Freedom

Watch Dr. Perkus work live with Lori, 

who is struggling with Self-Confidence

after having been a Stay-at-Home Mom for 20+ years. 

Will she get the breakthrough she is looking for?

See how fast and effective this process is!

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The Aroma Freedom Techniques give us a step-by-step guide to help anyone move from doubt and insecurity to confidence and empowerment.


Dr. Benjamin Perkus, founder of Aroma Freedom

  • Fast Process: Move quickly through the limiting beliefs and memories that are holding you back.

  • Easy to Learn: Once you know all the steps, you can use it on yourself, family, friends, and team.  (If you want to charge for Aroma Freedom Sessions, however,  you must become certified - click here for more details)

  • Scientifically Based: All of the steps of Aroma Freedom were chosen by Dr. Perkus because they conform to known neuroscientific principles.

  • Deep and Lasting Change: By shifting the underlying memories and beliefs that have been creating your current situation, a door is opened to new possibilities for your life.

  • Questions?  Email Dr. Perkus directly at or call/text 607-725-7785

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