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Aroma Freedom has spread internationally through the power of people sharing the amazing results with others.  Through the affiliate program, you can now earn commissions when you refer people to the website and they take a course or purchase a product.  Simply share your unique links with them and our website will automatically credit you when they do so.  This is our way of saying thanks for sharing.


Read below for all the details, and feel free to reach out at with any questions.



Here's How To Get Started


Sign up to our program

Use the link below to sign up to our affiliate program.  When you do so, you will need to create a new username and password for the affiliate tracking portion of the website (this will be different than the password you use to access our courses).  The affiliate program is hosted through a service called Kartra - it is the platform our website is built on.  Just follow the instructions when you register and you will see your unique links.


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You will see an affiliate link for each of the products that are eligible for commissions.  Forward this link to your list or your clients and when they click on it, it will take them to the product or course descriptions.  If they make a purchase from the website within 30 days of when you referred them, you will be credited  for the referral.


Grab the graphic creatives and email swipes

Use the pictures and sample emails below to set up your own email or social media sharing campaign.  Just insert your unique links and your personal message and share.  Or, feel free to just share from the heart and design your own emails.  Be sure to include your unique link in the message so that you can receive credit for sharing.

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Courses you can promote:

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Sample Email

Sample Email for Certification or General Introduction:

Possible Subject Lines (or create your own):

  • My Aroma Freedom Story
  • Get certified in Aroma Freedom
  • My new favorite Essential Oil Technique
  • Have you heard of Aroma Freedom?
  • How to use Essential Oils for Emotional Freedom


Possible Email Body (or create your own):


Hello - I hope this email finds you well.  I am writing to share a technique with you that I have found to be incredibly helpful in my personal and professional journey.


It is called the Aroma Freedom Technique (or AFT) and it was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a Licensed Psychologist with over 24 years of clinical experience and over 18 years of experience with essential oils.  It is a very gentle yet profound method of dissolving negative thoughts, feelings, and memories using essential oils combined with specific psychological techniques.  It is backed by recent discoveries in Neuroscience and has been life-changing for me.


I first found out about Aroma Freedom .....


[Insert your own story here]


Dr. Perkus has developed a Practitioner Certification program for those who would like to give sessions professionally and charge for them.  To date there are over 800 practitioners in 49 states and 23 countries.  It is growing fast because it works!


To learn more about certification or The Aroma Freedom Technique just follow the link below.  This specific link will be tracked to me so that Aroma Freedom knows that I referred you.


(Full disclosure: Aroma Freedom compensates me when I refer people - so if you are going to go take a look, please do it with this link!  Thanks :))


[Insert your unique affiliate link here]


Any questions, please reach out to me.  I would love to share with you more about this amazing modality that is helping so many people.




[Insert your name here]


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system track referrals?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, our website will recognize that you sent them to us.  If they make a purchase, you will be granted a referral commission.

If someone purchases a subscription, will I get rewarded every month?

How do I get paid?

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