Work Directly

With Dr. Perkus

Creator of The Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. Perkus brings 25 years of clinical research and practice along with 20 years of Essential Oil experience into each session to help you make the changes you have been hoping for.  As the creator of The Aroma Freedom set of techniques, he has a unique understanding of how to leverage the power of memory reconsolidation, trauma release, inner wisdom, and the human need for a meaningful and purposeful life into powerful sessions that will leave you inspired and moving forward in your life.



You will need to get an Essential Oils Kit prior to attending your first Session. 

If you do not yet have a Young Living Essential Oils account, please click here for more information on ordering a Kit. When ordering a kit, allow at least a week for it to arrive and schedule your Session with Dr. Perkus accordingly.


Aroma Freedom Discovery Session and Clearing (90 minutes) - $200



Best for: New clients or students unfamiliar with Aroma Freedom

  • Discover areas of your life in which there may be blocks to your success and happiness. 
  • Experience a profound clearing in one area of your life.
  • Uncover the root causes of what is holding you back. 
  • Identify areas for further growth

Recommended Essential Oils Kit:

  • Basic Aroma Freedom Kit (or higher)


Business Acceleration Series

(3 Sessions) - $425



Best for: Entrepreneurs, New or Existing Aroma Freedom Clients and Students

  • Initial meeting is an in-depth session with Dr. Perkus to identify potential areas of blockage in your business, and a clearing of at least one area with an Aroma Freedom Session.
  • Follow up meeting will celebrate progress, identify remaining limitations, and include more Aroma Freedom Clearing along with an Aroma Boost Session to maintain momentum towards action steps and goals.
  • Final meeting may involve additional clearing of blocked areas and/or developing a plan for changing unproductive habits, as needed.  Review of progress and future planning of sessions to support your growth going forward.

Recommended Essential Oils Kit:

  • Basic Aroma Freedom Kit (or higher)



Trauma Release and Skill Building Series

(4 Sessions) - $550



Best for: New or Existing Aroma Freedom Clients and Students

  • The initial meeting identifies areas of trauma and assessment of how this history may be affecting you now.  Includes a deep Memory Reconsolidation Experience or other Aroma Freedom Session if appropriate (as determined by Dr. Perkus)
  • Follow-up sessions may include additional Memory Reconsolidation or other Aroma Freedom Sessions.
  • Throughout the series, you will learn skills to safely navigate your emotions at home between sessions so that you gain greater emotional balance and equanimity.


Returning Clients

(Single Session) - $150



Best for:Returning Clients or Students 

This option is for clients who have had at least one session with Dr. Perkus previously, or who have started or completed Aroma Freedom Practitioner Certification. Or, if you do not need detailed understanding of the process but just want a clearing, you can choose this option.


What to expect in an Aroma Freedom Session with Dr. Perkus

Depending on the type of session booked, you will begin by discussing what your goals and needs are, and what has led you to book the session.


When the Aroma Freedom clearing begins, you will be gently guided to access specific negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be interfering with reaching your goal.  Just trust the process, it is easy!  You will likely be surprised by the memories that emerge - they may not be what you had been thinking were related to the issues at hand.


As you smell the oils (when directed by Dr. Perkus) you may notice memories losing their emotional charge, negative thoughts vanishing, bodily relaxation, and eventually a new positive attitude emerging.  You may receive specific guidance about the situation at hand, or a sense of wisdom and peace replacing your doubt and uncertainty.


At the end of the session, you will be left with a feeling of optimism, possiblity, empowerment, and confidence about the situation you brought to the session.  You will leave with specific instructions on how to maintain and cultivate this attitude between sessions.


Dr. Benjamin Perkus (left) with Dr. D. Gary Young (right) at the last Young Living Men's Retreat at Tabiona Farm in Utah, 2017.  This was shortly after The Aroma Freedom Techniques were created, and not long before Gary's passing from the Earth Plane.  We discussed how important the sense of smell is to emotional processing and to spiritual awareness.

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